Dykelist Information

Have you ever wished you could go socialize in leatherdyke owned and operated place everyday without looking for parking or putting your pants on? There is such a place and it thrives as over 150 leatherdykes debate, support, educate, date and humor each other online all day... via an exclusive noncommercial mailing list NOT a boring chat room. Events are announced roommates matched up and parties thrown around the world... this is online space that is intertwined with real life... and it is accessible and free to all women whether they are housebound, childcare bound or just looking for a new dyke to make them bound.

The Dyke list is lesbian owned and run, (including the business that houses our server), noncommercial mailing list with a password protected website. Our members range in experience from newly experiencing all the exciting aspects of BDSM, to women who have been in the formal scene community for 10+ years and enjoy mentoring to others.

Sex workers, transgendered ( MTF), women of color and/or of diverse spiritualities, different body types and/or economic status, and /or politics, are enjoyed on this list.

You are all 4 of the following to be a member.

A. You are a homosexual woman who appreciates lesbian only space and culture actively in your life and bring that paradigm to this list. You are NOT: Identified in the real world as 1) a man 2) in transition to male 3) bisexual 4)heterosexual 5) married as man and woman

B. You are committed publicly to your identity as a woman: whether you are a genetic female, butch, femme, post-op, pre-op MTF... or even if you use male personas or genderfucks of any type when in a kinky scene.

C. You are kinky/leather/BDSM/D.s identified regardless of how little or extensive your experience level.

D. You are 18 or over.

Special Note: The use of the term *Dyke* on this list is to honor the reclaiming of the term that was once used to insult blatantly and proud homosexual women. We see it as a term to indicate the pride and strength in our homosexuality that was won by the blood and tears of our lesbian elders in previous generations and is continued to be upheld as term of pride and identity by the present lesbian community.

Thank you! We look forward to having you as a member of this very fun and talented community!